Monday, February 15, 2016

tim conway and joe flynn

McHales navy is back (on cable). These two birds are truly hilarious together.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Wonder why Spain is no longer a world power?

Joaquin Garcia's has not been to work, his office,  for more than six years.  Despite collection his annual salary of $50,000, his absence was only noticed when he became eligible to collect a long-service award.  The 69-year-old, whose job was to supervise the building of a waste water treatment plant, has since retired.  His employer, a water company run by local authorities in the south-western city of Cadiz, thought he was being supervised by the local authority while the local authority thought he was  being supervised by the water company.  A court fined him one year's salary.  The court heard that the boss of the water company had not seen him for years despite occupying an office opposite his.

Guy Penrod

guy and family...only one daughter!

Jpr: ma loved the man...he s a preacher singer!

it begins

Mother wants to know who is responsible for this!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Imagine, an activist Pope

A specially-recruited group of 1400  priests and monks - with enhanced powers of forgiveness- have begun a year-long mission to absolve the sins of Roman Catholics in some of the furthest-flung corners of the world.  To mark the Vatican's Year of Mercy, the missionaries of mercy have been given licence by Pope Francis to forgive transgressions which normally only the Pope himself can pardon. The priests have been selected from dioceses around the world, and are expected to carry out their special mission in countries including Burundi, Egypt, China and the United Arab Emirates.  One of the priests is expected to travel among Inuit communities in the Canadian Arctic, while another one is planning to tour remote parts of Australia in a van.

trading on dividends

The company XOM set its quarterly dividendon  2.9.16 for 0.73 cents a share. Trading pushed  up the stock price just in time for buyers to qualify for dividend. Afterward the price began to fall.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Zero gravity flame

The thermal efficiency of low gravity flame is much higher which interests scientists.