Sunday, January 21, 2018

Coca-Cola was named back in 1885 for its two “medicinal” ingredients: extract of coca leaves and kola nuts.

Survival for a couple hours

This is me going home after traipsing around the woods for awhile. It was really cold. I think I stayed outside too long. I was becoming confused and disoriented. I stopped at the bank to ask directions, as I was a little lost. They acted very rude and chased me off. The Kwik and Go And/or Stop and Shop folks made up for it though. They gave me money and cigarettes without me even asking. It was a pretty good day after all.

The good ol days, when life was simpler and happier. Ever wonder Why?

7 up - introduced in 1929.  Ingredients included water, sugar, citric acid, LITHIUM CITRATE, SODIUM CITRATE, and some flavoring.  Lithium Citrate is a compound of lithium and citrate that was used as a mood stabilizer in treatment of manic states and bipolar disorder.  They stopped using it in 7UP in 1948.  The empire has declined ever since.l


Genealogy 3 ...jpr

                               son Master John, granddaughter Ellie

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Genealogy 2 ...jpr

Jpr with  mother Mary Ann, Dr Billy with da William S,
insert upper right Rita M
insert upper left  Martin K,
insert lower left Master Michael X