Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tornado facts

In the USA, April has the most tornados with over a thousand events. July is the month in the year with the least and averages only 70 plus events

Where is all the lightning?

Tampa, Florida has the most lightning in the USA, with more than 100 days worth of thunderstorms annually. Parts of Africa and South America close to the equator have the most lightning, with nearly 200 thunderstorm days per year.

Most of us are considerably more lucky!

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Deer’s Crossing

Spring and summer flowers are not limited to the open meadow or the roadside. There are treats of Mother Nature that can only be appreciated by a trek along a wooded country trail. Some petals there are rare and easily by passed. Painted Trillium was a special find of grandmother. Knowing the habitats of the local fauna was her gift.

Any regular hiker, biker, or runner that moves along a remote path shares many of the hidden treasures stored there. One such dependable discovery is the location of a deer’s passing. In is rare not to uncover several such markers.

Ask any of the country folk and they all shall describe a deer’s scent the same way. It is a sweet musk smell mixed with a pungent fecal stench. Their odor is so heavy that the human nose is infallible at least for a recent deer’s attendance on the path.

Such a find always leaves one with a quandary. In which direction was the deer headed?

The deer’s crossing seems always to be perpendicular to the path’s direction. Out from dense woods, onto the open trail and into a thicket of briar and bracken, the deer has moved.

To follow after the deer, the nose human is sufficient. A sense of smell may lead but it will not assure correctness in choice of heading. Sense is capable but lacking…this is the quandary. One must wonder if all human choice begins with a dilemma. Failure is a large part of being in natural.

So if we are wrong today then we are alive! Amen!


Friday, June 26, 2009

Cross Country Running

The "fad" of distance running dates back to the civil records in Ireland before the time of Christ. Here an entire village would assemble with mothers, fathers, and children for a race around the scenic hill tops.

In one instance the local chief upon the death of his wife had the available maidens run such a race. The winner became his new bride.

To wit, racing associations continue as very popular today. Perhaps this is why the thirst for ale is so strong in Ireland.


Big Pets

The largest dog ever officially recorded was a St. Bernard weighing approximately 330.7 lbs.
The largest domestic cat came from the Ragdoll breed and reached over 30 lbs.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Irish Pessimism

"There’s nothing so bad that it couldn’t be worse."

Our Mother's Hold

Once tiny hands raised for mother's lift,
Two hearts would beat in one embrace.

Now hands open into heaven's closing reach,
Where mother's hold in waiting meets.

To share our mother's final days,
To console her in affection's wrap,
To comfort her moment's need,
To see her grave made full,
Is a blessing both beautiful and complete.


Dedicated to those who now attend their mother's end.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The basic REs

Re..member that you are a good person and have worth,
Re..call the best of moments with family and friends,
Re..assert your values now and tomorrow,
Re..affirm the traditions of your faith,
Re..spond with the same compassion we desire from others,
Re..place bad habits with better ones,
Re..store belief in your abilities as they are never lost,
Re..make a bad day into a fine one,
Re..fuse to let disappointment win,
Re..gain hope for tomorrow,
Re..visit old friends,
Re..pair strained relationships,
Re..live past success so as to invite more,
Re..start your enthusiasm for life,
Re..late to those who suffer,
Re..tract offense with apology,
Re..take living in a healthy way,
Re..peat prayers,
Re..turn insult with kindness,
Re..lease inhibitions.
These REs will bring you to a greater peace and joy.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

J P Ronan's books on Amazon.com

By request the following is posted for the reader's information!

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How much ice cream is being eaten?

The number represents gallons consumed per citizen per year

New Zealand.........5.0
United States.......4.2
United Kingdom......1.4

Why you should write a poem

It is a classic choice of benefit versus liability.

Improve one’s writing skills,
Practice thinking out side of the box,
Develop the ability to express thoughts with focused intensity,
The chance to purge bad habits,
To learn from new mistakes,
Pride in a difficult accomplishment,
To entertain, delight, amuse,
To grow as a person in no other way,
To communicate in the most open of manner,
To enhance the forward looking in your personality,
To appreciate unique word structures,
Your mother will be proud.

They are hard to store.
There are better poets,
There are few readers,
They are too personal,
They can be resent to any one.

Come to think of it the liabilities are no greater than text messaging with a cell phone. The benefits are not limited to modernity. So writing a poem is only a good thing!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Mr. Robin

First in the meadow! At 5:30 a.m. when I take my dog for his wake up romp he is busy.

Last in the meadow! At the close of dusk, he yet stalks when my dog gets his last release.

Supposing this bird feeds just one chick in the nest. This comes to about 25 or so worms taken during the day or about 1 to 2 worms captured an hour.

He has my complete respect.


To the people of Iran

For your courage ………….... we admire you,
For your determination…….…we salute you,
For your fight………………... we share your hope,
For your resistance…………...we share your resolve,
For your suffering …………...we grieve with you,
For your future………………. we pray for you.
For standing before guns with open hands while wrapped in green, we are devoted to you.

Americans are your brothers and sisters.


Comment offered especially for my friend Farmaraz Shabaseian.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Baby dodo for Energy Credits?

Today's farmers can acquire federal energy credits for going "Green". By reducing their carbon "foot prints" and elimenating "hot house" gas emissions they earn energy credits. These they sell to industrial operators for cash. Hundreds, even thousands of dollars a year are gained by the farmers in this program.

Hog farmers who once collected swine waste in lagoons, today use continual processes with 97% less gas emissions. Their animals have better health with less unexpected deaths among their pigs. So it's good all around the farm.

What a minute!

Don't the parents (with several children) process about a ton of infant waste over the years of early child rearing? Is not this done on a continual basis?

So where's the energy credit?

I say sign us parents up.


Thursday, June 18, 2009


"There is no tax on talk." Irish Saying

"What at first was plunder assumed
the softer name of revenue." Thomas Paine

"Increasing taxation is the only
choice by an oppressive government." jpR

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How It Ends?

"As a writer, I write to see. If I knew how it would end, I wouldn't write. It's a process of discovery."
- Author John McGahern

"One who lives must follow the similar advice. If one knew how life was to end would one discover it?"

Who Woo Who

"Woman is made to be wooed. She is not made to woo!" Shakespeare.

So will the man who do woo do?

The Woodchuck’s Fight

Midday, the creature had his fill,
So crawled quite boldly he up on the problem’s hill.

Stops for stealth needed he to keep,
From the yard’s waiting dangers to peep.

Straight to the tool shed’s wooden form,
Beneath the floor boards dove he to roam.

Tiny rabbits from their covered hutch out flew,
Abandoning the earth grouch's accuse below.

Into the back garden the fuming beast gave chase,
Anxious rabbits out distanced the behemoth’s lumbered pace.

Returned under the shed he to clear more offense,
The woodchuck’s expulsion continued intense.

Under bush and plant the evicted safely kept,
Until the bully’s anger was wholly spent.

Nature’s order reprieved with the tormenter’s leave.


Observed at 11:30 am on this day 16th of June in my back acre.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Where can you?

Find books for free,
Listen to music at no cost,
Borrow videos of travel, movies, games,
Surf the internet,
Read papers from across the country,
Get free advice,
Actually talk to neighbors,
Make new friends.



Comment. There was a time that books and information were the exclusive domain of the wealthy. Use your library!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Longest words used in the English Language

1. Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis... a lung disease,
2. Floccinaucinihilipilification....something deemed worthless
3. HONORIFICABILITUDINITATIBUS used by Shakespeare...state of recieving honors

Commentary on polysyllabolic excess.

Irish Saying

"You can't kiss an Irish girl unexpectedly. You can only kiss her
sooner than she thought you would."

Comment dedicated to my little sister Ree Ree.

Uns Among Us

In every village upon the earth,
Near the door to any hearth,
The Uns will make unsightly rest.

Not near blooms or sweet scented lay,
But in foul and putrid stay,
The Uns choose unwelcome haunt.

In deep black pitch they keep,
Frightful holes in squalor’s heap,
The Uns bore an unclean place.

In night their darker shadows move,
From day’s hide their wake to prove,
The Uns begin unwanted deeds.

For safety inside the children stay,
With their mother’s care to warm and pray,
The Uns only to dogs unwilling near.


A poem created for my small children years past.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Grandma's Road

Today I'm going to jog along a narrow service road tucked deep in the woods not far from my grandparents' small farm. Both are long gone to heaven! The farm was sold before they passed.

The place is still there today and looks much the same. Grandpa's vineyard was his prize and he gave it lots of care. It's not there anymore but most of his fields remain. I drive past the old homestead once a year. Often I am tempted to stop and give out an offer to buy the place but haven't as yet.

In May and June my grandmother would walk my siblings and myself out a long rough path used in service for farm machinery. It was always over grown with weeds. Rocky soil showed were the heavy equipment had worn away the bracken. Wet springs flowed in abundance.

The road I'll run today is much like grandma's. Tree and large bush overgrow the sides of the trail making it a seculded forest adventure.

We were very small just preschool age when off we'd go down the lost lane with grandma. She would delight in pointing out the blossoms and identify the names of the bearers. Animals navigate on these country lanes and leave many signs. These grandma would mark and describe the creatures who passed before us. Deer, raccon, bobcat and bear, we saw all their tracks.

The bear signs always left us afraid. It was many years after her death that we learned grandma always carried a handgun in her apron during those walks.

Today I'll be with grandma on a trail much like long ago. I'll sense her presence in the same way as in my childhood. I'll be with my young mother and my siblings for about eight (8) miles. It will be heaven!


In remembrance of Lizzie McElwain's love of nature and literature.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Microchip Your Pet

More stories are presently to be found about pets lost to be recovered by an animal shelter that checks for then presence of a microchip.

One example is a shelter in Nevada that discovered a recent canine arrival whose identity chip placed her home 1200 miles away. This animal had been missing for over one year but was happily reunited with her owners.

Caution there are varying technologies for chip identification and animal shelters can not detect every type.

Please contact your local "Humane Society" with questions before placing/changing a microchip ID in your pet.


I miss all my past pets....NaNa, Duke, JJ, Lady.


It is most easily made from many loved recipe.
It is formed in shapes round, polygonal, both thick and thin.
It is companioned with beverages either hot or cold.
It is served morn, noon, or night.
It is fruited above, below, or within.
It is partitioned small or large without denial of appeal.
It is carried in auto, boat or plane.
It is excluded from no society or meal.
It is baked, fried, boiled or bundted.
It is stacked, layered and creamed.
It is iced, covered, frosted, decorated in sublime goo.
It is at the best when eaten!


A poem of love.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

An Irish toast for Father's Day

May you die in bed at 95, shot by a jealous wife!

Contemporary Linguistics

A linguistics professor was lecturing his class one day.

'In English', he said, 'A double negative forms a positive.
In some languages, though, such as Russian,
a double negative is still a negative. However,
there is no language wherein a double positive can form a negative.'

A loud voice from the back of the room piped up, 'Yeah, right.'

Things to Practice

1. An adult should show a child by example that one can be happy when they get older.
2. One does not take joy from a family but rather one gives happiness so therein all may share.
3. Smile while at work then the grouch will not come.
4. If each day one puts one kindness, one goodness, one thoughtfulness into their soul then by and by there will be no room for ugliness, darkness or despair.
5. Old age arrives when we lose the things of childhood that made us happy. The converse is true ...regain the happiness of youth and aging all but stops.
6. Learn a new word, read of a new place, find a new joke. Live!


Comments on living simply.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Free J P Ronan's Books

Brandy Verses

Druid of Locherbith

Mansion on the Hill

Cata of India

A Third Political Party?

What notions might give coalescence to a third option in the political spectrum? One that shall capture seats in the Senate and the Congressional House. Enough 3rd party winners will moderate the gyrating excessive swings of the past presidential election cycles.

1. "Pay as you earn"...not just a balanced budget but a balanced tax program. 
2. "Immigration by Law"....fair for the legal immigrant and fair for the legal citizen.
3. "Stop border crime"....how hard can it be?
4. "Abortion is not contraception"...50 million is too much!
5. "Gun ownership"...Illegal carry of fire arms must be vigorously prohibited and legal carry must be vigorously protected.
6. "States rights"...upheld as the constitution allows.
7. "Private Property Protected" against development swindlers.
8. "Energy Development"....responsible nuclear and clean domestic fossil energy to reduce import costs.
9. "Health care" that is accessible, affordable, and private with government programsonly for the poor.
10. "Free tuition" for first year at a local community college for legal residents.
11. "Separation of State from the Church."  Allow Christian and other dominations with belief in God to be free!!!
12. Other? Please send email.


From a life long Independent.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Construction of Marriage?

The term marriage has always meant one man and one woman joined legally with the intent of creating a family. There is more to the tradition such as co-earning, mutual defense, shared labor, greater medical assistance, enhanced life maintenance, etc.

Today the rural demands of marriage are lost at least in the metropolis. Marriage has become more industrial less simplified. Indeed, many in today’s society practice serial polygamy. Hence the future in matrimony is most likely to be described as the legalized union of personae in the pursuit of mutual happiness. Note the term “happy marriage” will ultimately be replaced by “harmonic n-tupule”. 

Divorce then shall be inapplicable in the n-multiple version and will need to be replaced with the term Secession. The use of a corporate lawyer will replace the need for a civil lawyer!

An option would be the replacement of marriage with a 10 year lease with enforced automatic termination. Wherein the participants must go to court and show need for a continuation. But as Napoleon said at Waterloo…..”Wake me later.”


Dedicated to all who try marriage!

Newlyweds of June

June is the month of choice for weddings. At least since Attila the Hun croaked. Thus the “Bride/Groom” has been the traditional terms for those entering matrimony which have ostensibly been taken from the world of animal husbandry. However modernity has given cause to reconsider.

Contemporary terms are suggested:

“Yinger/Yanger”is taken from the ancient Chinese philosophy of life being a mix of Yin_Yang. This signifies an balanced mix of good_bad, dark_light, sweet_sour, rich_poor, peace_war, etc. A most realistic choice but one hesitates in its use for fear of the salacious possibilities in the vernacular that will inevitably ensue.
“Plaintiff/Defendant”. The coldest choice but we might as well make out and sign/seal the papers at once with the date to be entered later. Thus the predictable is expedited when that eventuality obtains years down the road.
“Type_A/Type_B” is the most sterile version. Not romantic but it mitigates the distress over sharing possible contagious medical conditions.
“Dopee/Grumpee” comes from the Disney Studios. Cynical but perhaps “the” choice by default as it applies at once and is not lost over the years.


Comment to all who are married...keep the faith!