Tuesday, October 11, 2016

blonde hair blue eyed native americans

Early missionaries encountered fair-haired Indians in the Mandan camps, and recorded it in their journals

mandans 1880s

"George Catlin, a nineteenth-century painter who spent eight years living among various Indian tribes, was among those who were impressed by the Mandan's remarkable traits. Catlin wrote: "A stranger in the Mandan village is first struck with the different shades of complexion, and various colors of hair which he sees in a crowd about him, and is almost disposed to exclaim that these are not Indians." The artist also noted "a most pleasing symmetry and proportion of features, with hazel, gray and blue eyes."

A pre-historic race of white people who lived in permanent settlements in America long before the days of Christopher Columbus by legend. They are believed to have been survivors of a colony that was established by Prince Madoc of Wales in the 12th century.

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