Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Angels Flight

Riding on a Railroad Train
by Ogden Nash

Oh give me steel from roof to wheel,
but a soft settee to sit on
and a cavalcade of commerce and trade
and a drummer to turn the wit on.
Stuyvesant chats with Kelly and Katz,
the professor warms to the broker,
and life is good in the brotherhood
of an air-conditioned smoker.

Called the  "shortest railroad in the world" ferries  passengers up and down Bunker Hill in L.A. 


  1. ain't there a similar ride in Picksburg?

  2. PS us hoopies (or the formal "whoopies") say Picksburg Pennsylvania, sometimes saying "Pictsburg" as that is our long ancient heritage, the Picts. Ain't it so?

  3. PPs: they won't let you hang off the side when the ride is moving so if you're planning a holiday, better think twicet.