Sunday, April 30, 2017

Irish Nursery rhyme

Me mother caught a flea (used with  jumping rope)

One, two, three,
Me mother caught a flea,
She put it in the teapot
And made a cup of tea.
The flea jumped out,
Me mother gave a shout
And in came daddy 
With his shirt hanging out.


  1. these nursery rhymes are cute but they just make no sense to me. we teach kids nonsense then they go on acting out these fantasies and whimsical incantations throughout the rest of their lives. that's why people have such a hard time with things like maths or physics or science or church. just my opinion, as lucid as it is.

  2. most older nursery rhymes make no sense but had meaning at the time. ring round the rosie, sung in many languages is, according to some, about the black death. Its exact meaning, like most such things, has been lost in time.

  3. No one skips rope to the Fundamental Theory of Calculus

    1. o o o I must counter that with a ooo. Bertrand Russel is well-known in certain circles for his mathematical nursery rhymes, at least one or two being calculus-like. cant remember it all but we used to chuck rocks to the. "watch out for the integral; it could be definite but definitely ho ho a anti-y and function of x, etc. I think the tune was same as froggy come a courtin.