Tuesday, June 20, 2017

financial advice; invest now!

This morning I stopped at Dollar General to buy some underwear.  It's been about 15 years since I last purchased same.  As a person ages past a certain point it matters less and less if I've got my drawers on.    Sometimes I can't remember.  And other people understand.  They expect that I might be going "commando" at any time or place.  The reason that I decided to purchase some Hanes is that I've gotten tired of sitting around naked.  Alright that's not true but others are tired of me sitting around naked and so I figure wtf a little compassion for others probably won't kill me (Jesus couldn't say that).  So I go to Dollar General, knowing that my new underwear will already be broke in and a little threadbare (my preference) at the Generals.  I went to pay for my shit and had an enlightenment that I shared with the cashier and the others in line.  I said "when Kentucky Legalizes POT, Dollar General will be the first place to sell it.   Or so I hope.  Everybody laughed out loud but I wasn't joking.

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  1. That's the mikey humor we all have loved over these many years wearing clothes