Thursday, June 29, 2017

POV, delusions, and contentment; a venture deep into experimental philosophy.

More than a year or so ago I injured my foot - complete tear of Achilles tendon.  Due to various obligations, I did not seek quick medical intervention.  When I finally did I spent many quasi-miserable weeks in treatment and recovery.  Unable to follow my routine of golfing and hiking I gained weight, got fat, lazy, and stupid.  Yes, I know that "stupid" is a constant in my life formula.
Got healed for the most part and have sloooooowwly eased back into an exercise regime.  TODAY I walked nearly 30 minutes (snail pace) and also took a half dozen whacks at a golf ball.   So in my mind I became the current version of the Mythical Irish Legend - Finn McCool.
Ain't Life Grand!
footnote: this is the picture I use on online dating sites.

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